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Parents of Blaine (Titans), Tyler (UCF), Brett (CBC)

Our sons have worked with Matt Biermann through their Junior Football and High School years, and have continued to work with the Elite Football Academy into their college careers. The coaching and instruction they have received throughout the past 8 years has had a tremendous impact on their development as Quarterbacks. Stressing both the Physical and Mental preparation for the game of football has given our sons a definite competitive edge. With the focus on the fundamentals of the QB position, whether it is the proper technique of throwing, footwork, ball placement, rush avoidance, etc. we know that they are always well prepared. The training they have received has translated very well to the state and national levels, with our oldest son recognized as the #1 Pro-Style Quarterback in the nation in 2008, and our middle son rated as the #1 Quarterback in the state of Missouri for the class of 2010. We cannot thank Matt and his entire staff enough for their guidance and coaching in developing the potential of our sons.